It is a challenge nowadays to provide a comprehensive, reliable, easy-to use and yet secure platform for industrial design, process simulation, core critical processes.


When it comes for effective teamwork, especially addressing geographically distributed engineering teams, with time difference, language barrier, different modelling approaches, different software products used - one can feel the complexity of managing such a process.
If you add here need for DLP control of drawings and 'how-to', NDA's for contract manufacturing or digital copyright control for video post production one can understand the liabilities may occur suddenly if the control is not tight enough.
And yet more - once you would like to have a solution, when the cost is not coming from Aerospace/Defense for teamwork solutions with proper DLP - now you are close to understand the complexity and challenges for a midsize contract manufacturing production facility or visual fx studio to organize a proper teamwork environment at a competitive cost.It is hard to get a contract manufacturing order, even harder to get a contract for video fx production, remote and secure SCADA outsource, because in locations when professionals costs less the copyright is a myth. So you must have a proper DLP in place, ensuring your customers no leaks will be once you start working on their project with their Intellectual Property - drawing or raw video files.
To ensure that you would better have a system, which would allow your employees to work properly via terminals but to ensure they cannot copy the copyrighted material. Preferrably physically ensure.
That is why a team of virtualization specialists engaged a team of graphical/cad design experts in a project, that ended up in a hybrid platform for a DLP controlled, sustainable and relaible platform, where simple secure controlled remote desktop access would be combined with ability to deliver full graphical processing power to certain team members, yet physically excluding possibility of copying/distributing copyrighted material.
In cooperation with hardware chip producers, we are proud to present a hybrid solution, based on zero client concept, which is available for a IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) approach, as well as turnkey installation on request. Moreover, we are not really limited by location now, so you can store you data in a controlled TIER certified datacenter in a safe haven location, and we'll deliver you an encyphered secure channel for all your teams to be working smoothly and perfectly.

For executives and financial or administrative personnel a lighter, faster and less resource dependent model is used, with on the run easy mobile access for executives and key personnel from
This concept combines flexibility of Terminal access with power of dedicated GPU enabled virtualized desktops, to deliver state of art, DLP enabled, comprehensive and commercially attractive solution for midsize companies - contract manufacturers, SCADA servicing companies, video fx production companies - all those professionals, who know how to deliver a result and want to be sure and ensure their customers no troubles will happen because of a human factor.

Secure dedicated private CA for banking or business applications

Once you need to be really secure - you should definitely look for your own private CA infrastructure. we are ready to deliver to you a turnkey solution, yours or outsourced, completely controlled by your security officers.

Own private DSA keys for web/terminal access

It is far easier to control access for your users of the intranet webpage - company portal on the basis of digital signatures. then you can revoke it anytime you need and no need for one to remember complex password (and control its complexity). additionally, you are able to deliver this on mobile devices, where typing a long password can be painful.

Trusted third party transactions

Escrow type electronic secure transaction need a trusted third party. we have experience and ability to act as one.

Financial industry services

As cryptography is a key factor for safe transactions we do provide payment solutions consulting and outsorcing services as well as  integration services for financial industry and organizations.