Cryptoshell AG

Company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software and hardware.


How many times have you heard that engineers and designers stole the essence of a brilliant idea from a rolling business and created a copy that is now a direct competitor to the original?
How many times some critical production and technological data being hijacked or transferred to a rival? How important are day to day production parameters, bottle necks, component supply shortages for your competitors to take over in the never ending race for market dominance?
How do you make disaster recovery of your production data in case of a Cyberattack? Not general administrative files, but technological SCADA parameters?
And finally, how do you protect all these, at the same time make it usable for instant needs like technological
or critical production data?
Additionally, how do you provide everyday access for your business to run seamlessly, at the same time avoiding unauthorized access and unauthorised copying? how do you organize machine-generated data flow in order to see your production bottlenecks - and bottleneck patterns?
We shall share our vision and solution, enforced by 15+ years of experience in Industrial Automation, IT, Cybersecurity, Cryptography and BI solutions. Powered by our own secure private cloud solution and secure desktop delivery solution, using our DLP working guidelines we are confident we can create a complete stack for your business most critical data, including Intellectual Properties to be stored in a most secure way possible in Fuerstentum Liechtenstein - the banking heart of Europe. 
Information - is the new money - so we make sure it is stored securely and treated properly - so only you can access your secure vault, and only authorised people can use fractions of this information to run your business or to produce some goods. It is technological process or valuable parameters, datasets or any other know-how, which is enriched by your daily business experience - is essence of your wealth, as cashflow is creted by this. That is why it is essential for your business and yourself as an owner or shareholder to make sure all this is properly and securely stored in a safe place. At the same time everyday access and changes are also essential for doing business as usual. 
That is why our converged - safe storage and secure controlled delivery - is a must in current turmoil situation - with Cybersecurity risks and political instability.


Company location
Rätikonstraße 13, Vaduz,  9490, Fürstentum Liechtenstein.
+41 715 087 000


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