Cryptoconn Products, T&C and Privacy Policies.

These policies and documents had been compiled to serve better those who are concerned with how their 'Personally Identifiable Information' (PII) is being used online and for compliance with regulatory reasons.

Policy аnd Compliance

Services and Products Policy

Cryptoshell AG brought some innovative approach for you to be able to access the most modern style of telecommunications - tailored to what you need. Cryptoshell AG is providing you with retail-quality secure voice termination to international destinations, additionally provides secure messaging with sms termination and origination (additional fees apply).

Cryptoshell AG boasts numbers of interconnects around the world, and offers three service plans to provide your business with the perfect price and quality combination to meet your needs. Get started with our iOS/Android application and customer portal at (or for corporate users) that allows you to immediately start sending calls, and manage your account by using our advanced reporting tools to view pricing, CDR and quality information. Designed for businesses whose retail customers demand the highest possible quality and guaranteed CLI delivery. These routes are tested using sophisticated CLI detection software to ensure the routes adhere to the highest quality metrics. You can also buy tailored DID phone number with a capability to send sms (certain regulatory and availability restrictions apply).

Cryptoshell AG provides DIDs in over 50 countries around the world at prices starting as low as $0.25 per number, which can be used for you to terminate and originate secure calls and sms to all your customers.

Cryptoshell AG created custom applications for iOS and Android CryptoConn (Corporate), Cryptogram (Public usage) for usability and to be able to provide maximum end-user security for your valuable secure calls and messaging.